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How to develop a sustainable business model

15 March 2016 - 11:30 AM - 12:30PM CET

Technologies and innovations are exciting. The help daily life and businesses on a constant basis with new and more effective solutions. Innovators are the oxygen on whom our future sustainability relies on. However, there is a tendency to concentrate too much on technology without considering whether there is an actual demand for them. Proof of concept still comes before proof of business, with the result that many times start-ups and entrepreneurs fail because they haven’t fully understood how their product/services can create, deliver and capture value. 
Through the explanation of the working methodologies lying within the business model canvas, this webinar will provide insights on how entrepreneurs can apply a sound process to actually generate a convincing business model, thus lowering the risk to market. 
Webinar Agenda
The agenda will be as following:
  • David Tee (from EBN) - The use of the Business Model Canvas - 30 minutes
  • Gitte Schober (from Stichting Startlife) - The specificities of Business Model Generation in the ICT sector - 15 minutes
  • Massimo Nobile (from CIMARK) - The specificities of Business Model generation in the life science sector - 15 minutes

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